Promotional Products for a Small Business

I own a small company that is not doing incredibly well at this point in time, and I am really trying to think of innovative and fresh ideas for increasing the companies sales. I have a number of different angles that I want to address this problem from. One direction is just trying to improve efficiency and cut costs in the operation of the business. However, I am also hoping to increase our customer base and raise awareness about the existence of this business. So I am looking to buy some promotional products, most likely, in the near future, depending on how much it will cost me to be able to do so.

I think that promotional items with our companies logo on it, plus the company website, and other relevant information would really help to promote the business and spread the word about our existence. I really have a suspicion that a lot of potential customers just do not know that we even exist, and that is a problem that we need to be able to overcome in order to get through this period of business stagnation.