A Night at the Talent Show

To raise money for the schools music programs, the school decided to have a talent show, and I was put in charge of making sure the adequate stage gear was there for the show. I had to shop around for lighting and sound systems that would be used for the various acts. The school planned to have every kind of act at the show, from people singing acapella, to people playing electric guitars. The school was footing the bill for the gear, but there was still a set budget that I had to follow. Luckily I was able to find decent gear online.

A lot of people bought tickets to the talent show, and a lot of people signed up to perform in it. The auditorium was packed before the show even started, with everyone anticipating all the things they would see. The show started with a singing routine from the principal of the school. Who knew that the principal actually had a nice singing voice. When he was done, the entire audience stood up and applauded him. Then he let the other acts perform. There were a lot of people who brought instruments with them. Some played by themselves, and others formed bands and played. Cover songs were a popular theme that night, but there were some original compositions.

There were quite a few quirky acts that performed as well. One person brought a unicycle and rode it while juggling water bottles. I thought he was going to drop them, but he kept juggling and kept his balance too. The judging for the show was done by the audience via buttons on their seats. The winner of the show as a student who sang while playing a guitar and tap dancing at the same time. He won a $200 prize.