Jeff Got This Ridiculous Train Horn

I could not hardly believe it when Jeff pulled in my drive way the other day. I was sort of half way ignoring him, because I was doing something and I figured that he would eventually get out and tell me what he wanted. All of a sudden he blew his new horn and everyone for about five miles knew it. Apparently he had been to trainhornsunlimited dot com and spent five hundred bucks, before shipping and sales tax on something that they call the El Jefe 150psi Three Trumpet Stacked Train Horn Kit. This is not the sort of horn people can ignore and I sort of wonder how legal it is, because you can seriously damage a person’s hearing if they are too close to your car when you blow this thing.

It comes with this little air compressor that generates a hundred and fifty psi. The compressor comes with it’s own small air tank. You obviously need a good supply of compressed air since this thing blows for a full six seconds. That is what it says on the ad that they use to sell the thing. It was taking up a good part of the trunk of the boy’s car. I do not know how much it was, but he had it mounted right in the middle of the trunk. It was bolted down so that it would not go sliding around. At any rate you would not be able to get very much in the trunk of the car with that thing in the way. It is a pretty silly thing for you to spend five hundred bucks on if you ask me. In fact I am old enough to have put that much in to a car that would run and get you around.